Muscially Inclined: Three Date Ideas That Can Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Music-Loving Spouse

If you're tired of dinner and a movie, you can try going out on a limb and planning some new dates with your spouse. Spousal dating helps to keep emotional intimacy strong, which can be an asset to your relationship when things get tough. Here are some musically-inspired date ideas that can breathe new life into your regular dating routine.

1. Attend dance sessions together.

This would be a total immersion into the dancing world. Dance sessions can last for a few days, and you get to spend time with professional dancers and really learn to move with the music. Dance sessions go beyond a basic dance class -- instead it's a full immersion into dance. Often, dance sessions include accommodations, so if you and your spouse are already musically inclined, attending dance sessions can be a great retreat for a weekend of good food, music, and especially, dance. You could have exposure to all styles, including hip hop and contemporary. Contact local dance academies, like Crescendo Dance Academy, to see what options and dances they offer. 

2. Volunteer to play music for charity.

Instead of going out to spend money at a restaurant, you could take your music and movement skills to places where they'll really shine: hospitals, assisted living homes, and homeless shelters. If one (or both) of you plays an instrument, practice a few songs to perform. Maybe try your hand at singing a few popular songs that would be familiar with your audience. For example, if singing for sick children at the hospital, you might try singing some songs from Disney's Frozen or from children's shows like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. 

3. Support your local arts.

Call schools in your area to learn concert times, arts festivals, and other types of performances. Many schools have fundraising concerts for music and dance programs, and your money would mean so much more to a school's arts program than it would to the movie box office. Common concert times include early fall for Homecoming, Christmas programs, mid-winter competitions and festivals, and spring concerts. If you have significant musical talent with your spouse, maybe volunteer to hold a small performance at a local school gym for free for students who would like to attend, or offer to play or dance a number in one of the concerts to draw more paying viewers. 

There are plenty of ways you can use your musical talent to grow closer to you spouse while also serving and improving the world around you. Consider these musically-tuned date ideas for your next big date. 

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