3 Reasons To Send Your Young Dancer To Summer Dance Camp

If you are the parent of a child who enjoys dance, a summer dance camp, such as Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts, could be a perfect option for your child's out-of-school hiatus. Here are a few reasons why:

Your child gains independence.

As a dancer, your child may have multiple competitions or assignments that must be performed independently. Although you may be on-hand as a supportive member of the audience, you may be unable to walk beside your child during every step of his or her career. 

A summer dance camp can help your child learn to operate independently of you and still feel safe and secure. As he or she has more professional assignments, the ability to function with confidence outside of your presence will be necessary. For instance, if your child is hired to dance in a music video, you may or may not be allowed in certain areas of the set. However, your child will still need to be able to dance at the expected level and communicate professionally with the director and other dancers, even though you are not by his or her side. 

Your child's skill level can be improved.

During dance camp, much of the focus is on the technical aspects of dance. Thus, the camp can help your child hone his or her skills.

The school year can be filled with other responsibilities, such as homework and class assignments. However, a summer dance camp allows you child to focus almost exclusively on dance. As a result, the benefits from the camp lessons are amplified. 

Dance camps can also offer your child more individualized attention so that the areas in which he or she needs to improve can be targeted. Since a dance camp may not offer traditional competitions, your child can focus on learning for the purpose of development instead of just to win.

Your child can learn new dance techniques.

If your child has mainly focused on a specific area of dance during his or her career, learning new techniques can help broaden his or her skill base. A child who is comfortable with a hip-hop style of dance may not have the same level of experience with tap or ballet. A summer dance camp can expose your child to additional dance techniques from which he or she can benefit.

Sending your young dancer to a summer dance camp can be a rewarding experience. To learn more about dance camps in your area, contact a local performing arts camp instructor.

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